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Aleuy made the proposal during a meeting with a group of politicians, academics and experts, which was held to discuss Chile's seismological defenses in the future and how to sha


andidate, the tax aims at educating the population and encouraging investments to the activities less harmful to the environment. She also highlighted the importance to avoid oil s.


st seat changes in the last 50 years. In the Senate, Republicans took over six seats from Democratic rivals with a narrowing margin of 47 to 53, even though they failed to claim .


l, minister of the interior, local authorities and national defense, and Laurent Lamothe, minister of foreign affairs and culture. Haiti is undergoing a slow process of reconstruc.


possible reforms, such as immigration. "If President Obama is unable to signal a move toward real spending discipline, he will start his second term with a tragedy, not a legacy,.

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efore the financial situation grows worse. "While these delays are helpful in us not having to default on a mandated payment, it's really more in effect kicking the can down the ro.

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special development zone in a bid to attract more foreign investment. About 1,400 companies from more than 60 countries are attending this year's fair, making it the largest editi.

eign Minister Kevin Rudd marked the anniversary of the terrorist attacks with a ceremony at the War Memorial in Canberra. In China, most Beijing-based newspapers carried articles .

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