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he death of her running mate in a recent plane crash, her approval ratings have risen spectacularly in surveys. The latest poll published Wednesday by the respected Ibope polling

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ment, the DOJ argued that local states can't create their own immigration laws and make unilateral decisions about enforcement of existing immigration laws because under the U.S.

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o repay the claims "before the U.S. eases restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba." Cuban President Raul Castro and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama surprised the world on Dec

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10. CARACAS, July 17 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and rival candidate Henrique Capriles signed a presidential election pact Tuesday, pledging peaceful campaigning

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dline to begin withdrawing troops. However, the security situation in Afghanistan has not improved dramatically, while U.S. military casualties keep rising. Meanwhile, U.S.-Afghan

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ous logistic issues, the real problem is that the plan fails to be a real peace process," said Pothier. "Such plan should propose the political reintegration of the Taliban to rec

zz0zzo人交c -她一泡尿憋得憋不住了

ual study released on Tuesday rated Washington D.C., the national capital of the United States, as the worst American city by congestion, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, N